A Game (Flash AS2)

Lyrica purchase online australia Santiago de Compostela A Game was the second game I created; this was all the way back in the beginning of 2009 (The first game never got put online because it was just a slight edit of a tutorial).

The intent of this game was to enter a new developer’s competition on Kongregate.com and win some money.

Obviously the game didn’t quite match up to the standards of other competitors but I had only been programming for a few months and had no previous programming / design experience.

I did intend to add more levels, bosses and other power ups but I ended up moving onto other things.

rudimentarily Controls:
To move all you use is the Up, Down, Left and Right arrows.
To fire just hold down Space Bar.

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4 responses to “A Game

  1. Sam O

    YO YO YO nice game afro alex 😉 xxxxx 😀

  2. Da HDizzler

    I did rubbish fairplay hoges, 1 bad point though the name cant fit Da HDizzler it cuts the zler.
    Next update i want that fixed bitch.

  3. Jake Cresswell


  4. ן๏รђא๓เภt

    i win