Hog Mods (Java)

Back in 2010 I got really into Minecraft.I must have played it all day, every day for about half a year before I got bored and started exploring mods.

After installing a few and exploring the community forum, I decided to create my own and so Hog Mods were born.

I started out with a simple pack of pressure plates that would act as traps once stepped on, then added a block that then turned into a bulding when placed, and finially added a food pack based on bacon sandwiches.

I supported these mods from Minecraft Beta 1.3_1 to Minecraft Beta 1.7_3 but after my laptop got damaged I lost all the source code.

To be honest all of these mods were rubbish but I had fun creating them and getting in discussions on the community forum.

Below are links to the legacy pages that servered the mods (They may look odd in the new theme)

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