Hog’s Server Mods

Currently the Pressure Pack is only server mod that I have done because The Bomb Shelter seems too much like cheating 🙂 Also I’m running rencontre gay tulle Windows so i’m unsure if this method works for mac!

You’ll need to have the mod installed on the client side(your minecraft) to get the textures to work properly. Also for more info on the mod please check out this

Kafr Mandā You can download the mod and install it yourself  -> ServerPressurePack_v1_1.zip

problems with buying Misoprostol without rx Or you can download the server with it already on -> HogServer_v2.jar

How to install

Sorry if the instructions a poor i’m bad with explaining things :/ I will make a video for this in the future.

So I guessing you’ve downloaded minecraft_server.jar from minecraft.net. If you’re just wordering how to get it to work please scroll down to the title “Running The Server”.

http://commervanspares.co.uk/shop/engine-transmission/condensor-25d/ 1) You need to run minecraft_server.jar so it generates all the files.
2) Open ServerPressurePack.zip and minecraft_server.jar with WinRAR or 7zip
3) Now you’ve got both open, drag and drop all the files from ServerPressurePack.zip into minecraft_server.jar
4)You should be done! Just close both windows and run minecraft_server.jar and it should work!

To get there server to work with SDK’s Guns just install my mod after you install SDK’s 🙂

A few extra things to take into consideration, I have not tested this with any other server mods so it may not work with them. If you know what you’re doing, The Pressure Pad manipulates both Block.java and CraftingManager.java and uses block id’s 121,122,123,124. I hope that helps in some way.If there’s a mod you want this to work with please say and i’ll see if i can make them compatible.

Running The Server

This is pretty straight forward, all you really need to do is run HogServer.jar or, if you modded it yourself, minecraft_server.jar. If it doesn’t run try opening cmd.exe and dragging and dropping the .jar file into it and hit enter

To get onto the server you need to log into Minecraft, go on multiplayer and type in “localhost” without the quotes.

If you want to get others on your local/home network in to the server, go onto cmd.exe and type in “ipconfig” without the quotes again. Now look for IPv4 Address and then tell the people on your local/home network to type in that string of numbers. The number should be something along the lines of 192.168.2.(Some Number).

If you want to get people from the internet onto your server just go to google or any other search engine and type in “whats my ip” or something along those lines and get your ip address. Once you have your address just give it out and there be able to join!

Finially, if all this doesn’t make sense or you want more info please look on the Minecraft Forum

Hog out :]

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