Perris 02Mar / 2011

Fun New Minecraft Mod’s! Oh Minecraft how you eat up my time! So many blocks placed, so many mines dug, so many creeps exploding, aahhhh good times 😛

So i’ve been playing Minecraft for about 4 months now and I’m getting kind of bored to be honest so i’ve decided to start to make and release mods. I’ve started small with my Landmine which is basically a pressure pad that explodes, nothing special but just a bit of fun 🙂 I am thing of making it a server mod so you can get your friends with it but for now it’ll keep all those mobs away from your house/base!

So check back soon as i’ll be posting about updates and new stuff ! 🙂


Pong (: .

A little thing i made at school in, you know, one of those lessons 😛
Pretty bad but can you score 5 points?

>>Pong :D<<

And yes it is possible.
Oh and well done Jake on being the first person to beat my ‘amazing’ game on hard :L

Later people x

Game Number 2 :D

Hmm .. time goes fast :/ .

First game was a bit bad .. well i say bad but really i mean terrible.

So here i go again, game number 2!

It starts today.