HELLO! Its been awhile, nice to see you again. Sorry about the lack of posts but I’m back and bringing some content with me!

It’s 2013 and what comes with a new year is new projects. I want to keep myself productive this year so I’m planning to program and post an arcade game once a month. I will also be posting an article to go with the game that will cover how I developed it and the source code for the game. Seeing as these are going to be remakes of already existing and addictive games, the theme I’m running with is “Just another … game”.

Today is the 14th so from now until next year, the 14th will be the day that I post these games. The first game is in the post below.

One last thing before I go; I teamed up with some super awesome guys last year to create a freelance games studio, if you could check out our site that would be awesome! http://DecoyStudios.com

 Bye :]

Pong (: .

A little thing i made at school in, you know, one of those lessons 😛
Pretty bad but can you score 5 points?

>>Pong :D<<

And yes it is possible.
Oh and well done Jake on being the first person to beat my ‘amazing’ game on hard :L

Later people x

Game Number 2 :D

Hmm .. time goes fast :/ .

First game was a bit bad .. well i say bad but really i mean terrible.

So here i go again, game number 2!

It starts today.