Čakovec 14Mar / 2011

New Minecraft Mod, the Bomb Shelter! And I’m on twitter!

So yeah two big things I have to talk about in the post 🙂

where to buy provigil online usa Number 1: I have now added a new mod call the Bomb Shelter! This mod does basically what it says on the tin, nurse makes a bomb shelter. Simply place the flat pack bomb shelter on the ground then right click and BAM a bomb shelter spawns around you 😀 This adds more protection from explosions and fire.

http://es-umzuege-transporte.de/2980-dtde27528-tinder-chat-starten-nicht.html Number 2: Probably not as big as the new mod but i have now made a twitter page that will not only get first notice of when my newest mods are realsed but ideas that i am currently thinking of making into mods 😛 So please follow http://twitter.com/HogsMods

So yeah once again check the mod page and Hog out :]

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