Over the years I have started but not finished a lot of projects.

Bellow you will find an odd selection of these:

21 Aug / 2014
Unity C#
Core was planned to be a story/quest driven twin-stick space exploration thing. You play as a planet-sized experimental military weapon that has been abandoned by its creators ...
14 Jan / 2013
Flash AS2
Game A Month Challenge
At the begining of 2013 I was working as part-time web developer which gave me a fair bit of free time. To fill this time I challenged myself to make a game a month. ...
20 Apr / 2012
Flash AS2
Just Another Zombie Game
Just Another Zombie Game was a project I did for my A2 Computer Science coursework. ...
05 Feb / 2012
UDK Project
At the end of 2011, after attending a GameJam hosted by an online game development course I was on, a group of us decided that we would have a go at making a game together. ...
19 Nov / 2011
Flash AS2
Project Alpha: Last Stand
Project Alpha: Last Stand was my first attempt at producing a Tower Defence Game. Currently still in an alpha version of the game ...
02 Mar / 2011
Hog Mods
Back in 2010 I got really into Minecraft. I must have played it all day, every day for about half a year before I got bored and started exploring mods. ...
01 Feb / 2009
Flash AS2
A Game
A Game was the second game I created; this was all the way back in the begining of 2009 (The first game never got put online because it was just a slight edit of a tutorial) ...

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