UDK Development Diary Number 4

Time, where does it keep going?! :/

In the last few days I’ve been working on more of the background code which is relevant to the game mode itself.

Probably the most obvious change I have made is allowing a level designer to set-up waves from within the UDK without touching any code. They are able to change the number of waves and enemies as well as enimies health, speed, spawn time and the reward for killing them. Multiple spawners can be placed and can be set-up completely different from one-another.

I’veĀ  finally added a mesh to the tower spawning gun so you can see what you’re aiming at! For some reason the mesh is positioned awkwardly on screen but hey it’s better than nothing. To go with the mesh I have created a credits system which dictates the amount of ammo you have. You can gain more credits from killing enemies.

Finally, and probably the least important thing, I have add a ten second delay before the game starts to allow the player to pick up weapons and place towers.

UDK Development Diary Number 3

I’ve done a fair few changes since my last video. Most of these being done on the enemies and the enemy spawners.

Here’s a list of things off the top of head:

– Changed the enemies so they follow you no matter how far away you are
– Enemies change colour, to blue, when they’re attacking you
– Changed the enemy spawner so it puts out enemies at random intervals
– Spawner follow preset waves when spawning enemies; waiting for them all to be killed before spawning another wave
– Gave enemies fixed speed

I also added a tempery HUD to display info about the wave’s health and how many kills the user has got from the wave total

I’ve also got a few bug floating around which i need to sort:

– Enemies go through and don’t damage towers
– You can attach towers to the Enemies causing them to spaz out and move with the enemy
– No weapon mesh
– Enemies spawn in ground
– You have a range on how far away you can spawn a tower from you but yet you can shoot at the edge of the map and it’ll spawn a tower -.-

UDK Development Diary Number 2

I ended up having a few hours free this evening which I spent in the UDK.

I only sorted out a two things since yesterday, these being:
The floating towers – which I found out was the skeletal mesh having it’s spawn orign set to 0 when it should be minus its height
Spawners pushing out Red blocks – they’re just simple actor which take damage and move towards the player when they get close.

The video also shows the tower shooting but it still has a few targeting bugs which I will need to sort.

New Year, New Projects!

So what’s been going on, you haven’t update your mods for ages?!

Well, yeah, I’m sorry about that I’ve been busy working on my Flash games as well as doing school work/Exams!

So what I’ve decided to do is leave Minecraft and Flash alone, for now, and start work on producing higher quality games, using the UDK. I have met a group of talented individuals who I am now working with to produces these games.

Currently being the only developer on the team I have decided to put out “UDK Development Diaries” to document my work as well as to show the rest of the team what I am doing. I’m not sure how often I am going to post these videos but I will try to get at least one every fortnight.

This first video is just showing off how I am able to spawn a tower through a gun and current bugs I can see with it. I should have most of these sorted by next video.