UDK Development Diary Number 3

I’ve done a fair few changes since my last video. Most of these being done on the enemies and the enemy spawners.

Here’s a list of things off the top of head:

– Changed the enemies so they follow you no matter how far away you are
– Enemies change colour, to blue, when they’re attacking you
– Changed the enemy spawner so it puts out enemies at random intervals
– Spawner follow preset waves when spawning enemies; waiting for them all to be killed before spawning another wave
– Gave enemies fixed speed

I also added a tempery HUD to display info about the wave’s health and how many kills the user has got from the wave total

I’ve also got a few bug floating around which i need to sort:

– Enemies go through and don’t damage towers
– You can attach towers to the Enemies causing them to spaz out and move with the enemy
– No weapon mesh
– Enemies spawn in ground
– You have a range on how far away you can spawn a tower from you but yet you can shoot at the edge of the map and it’ll spawn a tower -.-

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